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On the site you can read the predictions for cs go, get acquainted with the statistics of previous tournaments and personal statistics of individual team players, find out the opinions of respected analysts in the world of e-sports and ask the thoughts of other visitors to our site about the upcoming match. Of course, 100% of reliable forecasts do not exist, this is why e-sports tournaments are interesting, and even leading teams may lose their primacy in favor of lesser-known teams. Nevertheless, the information received, expert opinions, assumptions of game fans and forecasts for CS GO, make it possible to draw our own conclusions in favor of one or another warring party.

Corridor Platform is a leading decision workflow automation capability designed by industry veterans to rapidly transform risk and marketing decisioning at banks, enabling them to leverage big data, AI and automation to create competitive excellence in revenue growth, risk control and operating efficiency in the age of digitization.



Enhanced and transparent governance to facilitate quick approval and rapid realization of benefit from innovation in AI & Big Data



Seamless end-to-end connectivity that eliminates manual hand-off, facilitates automation & compresses model/policy change cycle to hours from weeks/months


Enable Real time

Evaluate and implement policies that allow real-time optimization of decisions at an individual level

Platform Design



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Why Corridor Platform?

Disconnected Decision Lifecycle
Current decision architecture is fractured, requiring frequent hand-offs, process inefficiencies and quality issues, resulting in longer lead times to impact. Multiple vendors offer point solutions, but robust end-to-end connectivity & governance is still missing.


Corridor Platform


Corridor’s integrated platform reduces cycle time to 1-2 weeks from analytics to production

Business Impact

Benefit Area

Enable Real Time Personalization

Platform Capability

Rapid data integration from lake

Leverage powerful AI models in policies

Faster recalibrations (models/policies)

Automated workflows

Evaluate, approve and validate centrally

Quick conversion of analytics to production

Business friendly policy/rule engine

Integrated life time value frameworks

Optimize pricing at “segment-of-1”

Impact Opportunity

20% reduction in credit/fraud losses
10% reduction
in Opex
20% improvement in marketing efficiency