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Corridor Platforms : The Next Gen of Digital Decisioning

In this fast-paced digital era, elevating your analytical sophistication isn’t just an option but an imperative. With Corridor Platforms’ state-of-the-art Decision and Analytics workflow automation and advanced real-time decisioning capabilities, we ensure that you are equipped to win, always.

byManish Gupta
Decision Management 5 mins

The Digital Lending Revolution : Opportunities & Challenges for Community FIs

Embracing the Digital Lending Revolution: Challenges and Opportunities for Community FIs to Compete with Best-in-Class Institutions

byCorridor Research
blog 5 mins

Left Shift Decisioning, a Key Differentiator for Banks to Be Nimble

There has been a dramatic shift during the last 10 years towards digital only originations for credit. Customers are asking for real-time decisioning, with instantaneous approvals for contextual offers and services. Banks need to be able to react quickly to these dynamics to stay competitive.

byAditya Khandekar
Recession Response Management 52 mins

First Digital Era Credit Recession : New Challenges will Shape the Future

Banks need to urgently upgrade their digital decisioning capabilities to stay competitive & win in marketplace. This webinar covers key challenges and practical strategies for building long term capabilities in-house.

byManish Gupta

POV by Oliver Wyman and Corridor on Credit Decisioning Agility & Governance in Crisis

POV describes a blueprint of a well designed decisioning platform with capabilities for: 

– Adaptability and speed
– Robust governance & controls 
– Enhanced monitoring

blog 10 mins

A Prescriptive Playbook to Manage Credit Risk in Uncertain times

The blog articulates:

– A practitioners framework to evaluate risk, leveraging front-line experiences from the great recession
– Prescriptive guidelines in risk management processes and technology to navigate the current crisis

byAsh Gupta

Webinar by Oliver Wyman & Corridor on navigating crisis using next-gen decision capabilities

Webinar covers practitioner guidance on Covid-centric data sources & Corridor platform capabilities to:

– Enhance governance
– Accelerate decision lifecycle
– Develop systematic monitoring. (Passcode-422880)

Watch the webinar

Webinar slides on navigating crisis using next-gen decision capabilities

Slides related to the webinar capture: 

– COVID specific data sources (Pandemic Navigator
– Banks pain points
– Platform architecture & use cases
– 8-12 week workplan for crisis response

blog 10 mins

Model Management in Banking during the Crisis – A Corridor Platform driven approach

The blog discusses Corridor capabilities to address the gaps in model risk processes:

– Using new data safely
– Systematic model monitoring
– Addressing manual validation processes
– Moving models to production quickly

byKishan Modi

Webinar by Oliver Wyman and Corridor to assess impact of Covid-19 on Consumer credit

The webinar discusses the expected impact of Covid-19 on Consumer credit specifically:

– Unsecured credit (Cards and Installment loans),
– Mortgages
– Car Loans.
It also suggests remedial steps from experts.

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blog 12 min

Transforming Banking Decisions – the need for Speed and Agility with Governance.

The blog discusses the end-to-end decision cycle for underwriting on Corridor with focus on:
– Data governance
– Model governance & monitoring
– Layered strategies with impact assessment
– Policy orchestration for production

byAditya Khandekar
Video5 min

Strategies to Manage Credit in a Crisis Environment by: Shortening the Time-To-Market for Decisions


byManish Gupta
Video4 min

Strategies to Accelerate Digital Transformation - A practitioner's approach


byManish Gupta
blog 10 mins

Implementing a Prospecting Policy to Optimize offers to Prospects based on lifetime profitability

The blog illustrates how optimization driven strategies using custom frameworks can be used to create custom offers at prospect level.

byAditya Khandekar
blog 7

Credit Line Increase – A Proactive Customer Management Approach on Corridor Platform

The blog articulates:

– Ease of rapidly building a sophisticated CLI policy on Corridor Platforms
– Creating a competitive advantage in the marketplace for the banks to retain and grow customers.

byAditya Khandekar
blog 6

Digital Decisioning Challenges for Credit Unions and Community Banks in Recession

Blog Summary – To compete in today’s market, mid-tier banks and credit unions must transform their decisioning capability to meet customers’ heightened digital lending expectations.

byCorridor Research