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A Prescriptive Playbook to Manage Credit Risk in Uncertain times

The blog articulates:

– A practitioners framework to evaluate risk, leveraging front-line experiences from the great recession
– Prescriptive guidelines in risk management processes and technology to navigate the current crisis

byAsh Gupta

POV by Oliver Wyman and Corridor on Credit Decisioning Agility & Governance in Crisis

POV describes a blueprint of a well designed decisioning platform with capabilities for: 

– Adaptability and speed
– Robust governance & controls 
– Enhanced monitoring


Webinar by Oliver Wyman & Corridor on navigating crisis using next-gen decision capabilities

Webinar covers practitioner guidance on Covid-centric data sources & Corridor platform capabilities to:

– Enhance governance
– Accelerate decision lifecycle
– Develop systematic monitoring. (Passcode-422880)

Watch the webinar

Webinar slides on navigating crisis using next-gen decision capabilities

Slides related to the webinar capture: 

– COVID specific data sources (Pandemic Navigator
– Banks pain points
– Platform architecture & use cases
– 8-12 week workplan for crisis response

blog 10 mins

Model Management in Banking during the Crisis – A Corridor Platform driven approach

The blog discusses Corridor capabilities to address the gaps in model risk processes:

– Using new data safely
– Systematic model monitoring
– Addressing manual validation processes
– Moving models to production quickly

byKishan Modi

Webinar by Oliver Wyman and Corridor to assess impact of Covid-19 on Consumer credit

The webinar discusses the expected impact of Covid-19 on Consumer credit specifically:

– Unsecured credit (Cards and Installment loans),
– Mortgages
– Car Loans.
It also suggests remedial steps from experts.

Watch the webinar
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Transforming Banking Decisions – the need for Speed and Agility with Governance.

The blog discusses the end-to-end decision cycle for underwriting on Corridor with focus on:
– Data governance
– Model governance & monitoring
– Layered strategies with impact assessment
– Policy orchestration for production

byAditya Khandekar
Video5 min

Strategies to Manage Credit in a Crisis Environment by: Shortening the Time-To-Market for Decisions


byManish Gupta
Video4 min

Strategies to Accelerate Digital Transformation - A practitioner's approach


byManish Gupta