Corridor’s design principles enable a simple, yet powerful control framework for development and deployment of policies across verticals. Modular structure allows for point solutions while providing flexibility for future transformation.

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  • Single system of record for data, features,models and policies
  • Integrated risk decisioning system
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  • Strategy design/change management systematically on platform
  • Real time evaluation and comparison of models/policies
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  • Dynamic review and approval workflow with minimal exceptions
  • Integrated staging and deployment environments
  • Direct to Production
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  • Continuous tracking of actual results
  • Timely validation of performance projections
  • Automated alerts for exceptions

Connected Design

  • The platform establishes full connectivity between data – features – models & policies.
  • Connected work benches allow for quick collaboration across teams by automating manual hand-offs.
  • Built in traceability and lineage allows for full auditability.

Integrated Governance

  • Platform establishes transparent compliance and regulatory requirements across data/features/models/policies.
  • End-to-End permissible use tracking of data as well as monitoring of models and policies.
  • Centralized and standardized approval process to significantly reduce compliance violations.

Democratized Decisioning

  • Business teams can write rules and policies simply without need to interact with technology or modeling teams.
  • Experiment, compare and approve policies centrally with clear business impact assessment.
  • Rapidly deploy finalized policies to production directly without technology recoding.

Ease of Integration

Corridor has developed two environments, the Analytical environment for building policies & Production artifact as a standalone object that integrates easily into banks production environment.

  • Analytical: Connects only with the data lake to extract metadatawithout complex integration into banks.
  • Production: The production artifact is self-contained python artifact with all definitions required for policy scoring that integrates via API’s or direct function call into banks production system.

Solutions on Corridor Platform